Go places, look at things, take some pictures, do some work.  That’s pretty much how I’m spending my January, as I let the writing lie fallow and enjoy having time to breathe and get my brain back together.  There’s a certain panic that comes with not writing, a little bit of what if I never manage to write anything ever again?, but that’s more than balanced by the sensation of my brain slowly relaxing and my anxiety becoming, like the tinnitus I’ve had since I was ten, a constant background noise rather than an ever-present emergency.

My brain weasels are funny things. Calm them down, and suddenly I’m doing things like sleeping seven hours a night, going for walks, saving money, reading a ton, and eating better. I’m hoping that, when the time comes to get back to work, that this will translate into better stories and easier writing in general, but we will see. If nothing else, this is a brain state that’s easier to live with.

It’s a small thing, but I will take it.  I will definitely take it.